Whether or not you've tasted the latest confectionery trend, POPSTOP delivers with adorably delicious bite-sized cake balls, daintily placed atop a lollipop stick.  Simple as that.  Owner Charlene Vorster and her team bakes every batch with the best ingredients, personally decorates each pop, and wraps them with care. It's the cutest thing since the cupcake. 

Let's face it, everyone loves miniature food! So treat yourself to a dozen (or two) cake pops customized to your liking. Choose from any of the flavors red velvet, dark chocolate, vanilla,  almond, strawberry and cheesecake which are just a handful of cake filling options at your disposal.

Then, comes the "tough" task of pairing two chocolate color coatings and sprinkles to your pop picks. The more fun you have with your order, the harder it may be to part ways with each pop but OK, it won't be that hard to eat them. Whether your cake pops serve as a cheat treat, party favor, or as a pretty (tasty) pick-me-up, you should know: once you pop, you can't stop.

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